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BFFS – College Girls Being Naughty with their Boyfriends


Goldie Glock, Nova Skies, and Lana Sharapova are naughty college girls with a penchant for mischief. Tonight, they decide to have a little shindig in their dorm. They play some party games and sneak some boys in to add a little sexual tension to the fun. Soon, one of the studs is hooking up with Lana while the other girls sneak photos on their cell phones! After a while, they start to get horny themselves, and they make their way back into the room to join the pervy fornicators.

Date: May 31, 2019

7 thoughts on “BFFS – College Girls Being Naughty with their Boyfriends

  1. For those who want to know: @0:15: Nova Skies is the skinny darker blonde with the pink eye makeup on the left, Lana Sharapova the lighter blonde on the right, and Goldie Glock aka Goldie Rush is the skinnier light blonde with the heavy dark eye makeup (she doesn’t seem to have just one name yet) behind the camera. Goldie makes her first appearance at 3:22. All 3 are fairly new girls, so not much out there yet. Trust me. I’m a detective.

  2. I give this a 6/10, the acting was pretty bad and i dont like how it just switched out girls.
    The 6 is only because one of the guys laugh, sounded close to Seth Rogen’s

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