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BFFs – EDM Teen Sluts Fucked By lousy DJ


Everybody thinks that being a DJ means getting tons of pussy all the time. Well, when Vanna Bardot, Scarlett Snow, and Sophia Lux are at the party, that is exactly what happens! These bestie sluts show up at the rave ready to dance their asses off and get penetrated. They make their way over to the DJ booth and then pop their tits out for the whole party to enjoy. When they see the DJ is super hung, they all want a turn on his table. They bust out their tight teen fluff muffins and get juicy for his long schlong. He sticks his record needle in and plays some deep cuts, stroking harder and harder while the crowd gets ready for the drop. Looks like these girls know how to turn up!

Date: April 5, 2019

17 thoughts on “BFFs – EDM Teen Sluts Fucked By lousy DJ

  1. For those who care: @0:10 from L to R: Vanna Bardot with the “tan” in the silver thong, Scarlett Snow is the redhead with the pink top, and Sophia Lux in the black star pasties and rainbow socks. Trust me. I’m a detective.

    1. Was about to come comment “ok who the fuck is the redhead I need to know” but bless you sir. You are doing the Lord’s work

    2. CORRECTION: You know, when you’re right, you’re right. Sophia Lux IS NOT Black Star Pasties girl. Ms. Lux appears magically @0:49 in the lime green top and fluorescent yellow fingerless mesh gloves. So thank you, @heythere74077 Sophia’s not black star pasties, and thank you, @patate84, the blonde on the left @10:25 is actually Sophia Lux. They fooled me with bad editing and casting 2 other bottle blondes in non “performing” roles. This was a tough case, citizens, so thanks for the assist!

    3. Sophia isn’t the one with black star pasties but I sure as hell want to know who that is

    1. deep house is the shit and its how you get hot chicks to get slutty. I know from experience because i used to get wayyyyyy slutty about deep house.

    2. Deep house is real techno and this is not deep house. It’s acid techno. EDM is for people who go to festivals to only take pics of themselves for insta, plus it sounds like a car exhaust pipe. Embarrassing if you like it

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