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BFFS – Fucked All My Sisters Friends During Sleepover


Three pretty sexy bffs Emma, Shyla and Liza gets banged by one huge cock of a lucky dude after having a slumber party at one of their friends house.

Date: June 8, 2016

29 thoughts on “BFFS – Fucked All My Sisters Friends During Sleepover

    1. You’re all mishearing it! She said NAP, they’re taking a nap, because I think, I THINK, they’re gona go clubbing. I guess girls nap before staying out all night? They should probably change the title, but then again do they care? They just wanna record some grade A fucking. I certainly didn’t care haha

  1. Lol the pink pjs remind me of the family guy episode where peter had them and kept shocking everyone.

    1. LunitaLove you can get those pajamas at Target for adult size amazingly, cuz some days ya just need to be able to have a slight upper hand over everyone else by static zaps.

  2. She must have one of those mattresses where you can drop a bowling ball next to a glass of wine and it doesn’t spill.

    1. ye bro, quite well as long as your gpu cpu e.c.t match the recommened you shoukd be getting 60 fps constant

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