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BFFS – My Best Friend Sucked And Fucked For Candy


Its Halloween and me and my girlfriends dressed up as cowboys and Indians for the day! We had the idea of having a little competition between us to see who could get the most candy. With our sexy costumes, guys sure would give us a ton of candy. After taking some selfies we decided to go out a little early to start collecting some candy but we were having no luck at all. When Vicky went to go look at a different house, we went to another house who gives out a ton of candy! We got there and the guy said it was too early and wasnt having it. Then Zaya knocked on the door again and just told me to watch…she told him she really wanted the candy

Date: October 22, 2015

17 thoughts on “BFFS – My Best Friend Sucked And Fucked For Candy

  1. The Whiteman Fucking the Indian after they serviced them, Seems 100% Historically Accurate! Two Thumbs Up!

    1. brittney stfu whitey caucasian, latina and latino hispanics are of native american dna just labeled a different name, kinda like how african americans and jamaicans and other latin hispanics are also mixed black or black but their are labeled a different name.

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