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BibiXXX – Auf Toilette schamlos vom Freund gefickt


5 thoughts on “BibiXXX – Auf Toilette schamlos vom Freund gefickt

    1. Something about “on toilet fucking from friend”, super-loosely translated. My Deutsch is a little rusty. Ficken is the infinitive form of the verb fuck. Ge- is a prefix that modifies it as a past tense verb, so directly translating “gefickt” is more along the lines of “fucked”. I just get the gist of it. 4 years of german in high school and a deep affection for Rammstein helps me out.

    2. Shamelessy fucked on the toilet by boyfriend. That’s the best I could translate it

  1. She’s a little sweetie. I would fuck her on the toilet, wipe her ass, or whatever she wanted me to do.

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