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Bratty Sis – Helping StepBro With his Blue Balls


8 thoughts on “Bratty Sis – Helping StepBro With his Blue Balls

  1. So sad. You can see the scars of where she used to cut herself on her right leg almost to her pelvis. Means she has issues. It just threw the whole thing off for me.

    1. threw me off too. made me acfually think about the girls personal life instead of looking at her like a chunk of meat. i feel bad for her a bit

    2. A girl with scars is hot then again it may just be that I’m fucked up but a girl with scars and a few issues is my kinda girl only complaint with this video is she isn’t wearing a choker

    3. I hope you’re not trying to be a dick. Self harm is no joke and something i take very seriously. It is a shame she went through something in her past that hurt her so bas she hurt herself because of it. She is still very beautiful and some self harm scars don’t change that.

    4. FistFucker9000 those sure as hell aint stretch marks, see they way the puff up like a scar from a deep cut. Stretch marks don’t do that. Poor girl had some problems and sliced ‘n diced her problems away, real sad.

    5. Yeah, I noticed that too. We all have problems, (let’s be honest) but I was definitely thrown off by it. She’s still a great performer it just felt weird thinking about her cutting herself.

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