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Entangled Ecstasy


10 thoughts on “Entangled Ecstasy

  1. This Video gets me horny every time i want him to come to my house baby i will rock your world plus your sexy baby i will have you screaming the whole way out. xoxo
    follow me boo
    you have a gorgeous smile

    1. Same. You just can’t avoid thinking how good he fuck. If I got a chance to have sex with him, I’d better try vice versa. XD

  2. Im like in love with this guy. I want him to fuck me all night friday and then go have fun rock climbing all day saturday. Hes just perfect.

  3. The grand narratives of the 20th century and before provided frameworks by which people could live their lives. In the premodern society this framework was largely religion and strictly adhered to. Modern society rejected this in favor of science and art, and thus we have the beginnings of the enlightenment which later distilled in the modern science era of the 40s-60s. The postmodern society is skeptical of all metanarratives, and thus we are left with no framework and no reference for life.

    1. Piddling, babbling, piffling, footling pseudo-philosophy replete with category-errors, reifications, and unwitting contradiction. I hope this is a parody account. Otherwise: Stick to jerking off and stick ‘Being and Nothingness’ or whatever the fuck Continental bullshit you like to read up your ass where it belongs.

    2. @Logician, you missed prattling Honestly the factual narrative is still there, as are the religious dipshit narratives. We give our life meaning. PS. I only wrote this because I finished

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