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Fake Hostel Two hot girls get stuck under a bunk bed


Walking into her rented room at the Fake Hostel, Katy Rose accidentally drops her nail polish under the bed! Katy crawls under the bed to find her possession, but when she tries to get out, she finds herself stuck! Her cries for help attract Cherry Kiss, who steps away from cleaning her sex toy to help. When Cherry realizes she isn’t strong enough to lift the bed, she joins Katy underneath to give her company. This is how Michael Fly finds the babes: face down, ass up, and totally stuck! He can’t lift the bed, but Cherry quickly figures out how to boost his strength: she tells him to fuck her pussy! With erection strength, Michael manages to lift the bunkbed, free the damsels in distress, and then gets to fuck and suck them until his heart’s delight!

Date: July 11, 2019
Pornstar: Cherry Kiss / Katy Rose

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    2. There is a video of a woman “stuck” in a fairly large cardboard box I would say they’ve done a decent job

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