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Janira Wolfe – Reality Check (Small Penis Humiliation)


8 thoughts on “Janira Wolfe – Reality Check (Small Penis Humiliation)

  1. dick is way bigger than mine but surely they could have found someone with a bigger one for this fine video.

  2. lol at 9:40 she’s measuring from his thigh, desperately trying to make his dick seem bigger.

    1. I wish women would measure me from my thigh!! I could make 7″! Yea…she needs to find a guy with a much bigger dick for sph comparison.

    2. Yea she did everything lol. At 07:46 she pushes her hand against the beer gut to make it seem bigger. At 08:32 she measures it the correct way but doesn’t let us see the measurements. At 09:42 she measures it from his thigh and we can see it’s 7 inches. It’s funny to see to what absurd extent people can do to boost their ego.

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