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Petite Teen Kimmy Granger Fucks Uber Driver


15 thoughts on “Petite Teen Kimmy Granger Fucks Uber Driver

  1. This story is such a fail, Uber you pay buy credit card first before it tells a driver to pick you up

    1. right she could’ve just said he’s hot and let the porn begin , but then we would miss the gas grass or ass

    2. You bothered to critique the plot line of a clip on Pornhub . . . Usually the destination for lonely, desperate men . . . And yet you’ve managed to drop it to even a more pathetic level than that. All of a sudden I feel better about myself knowing I’m not one of the bigger of the losers here.

    3. I came here to say the same thing! They even check you have enough balance in advance of the pick up.

  2. In an anarcho-communist utopia, there would be no need for this woman to give up her ass for a ride. How can I cum when this video serves as a constant reminder that even some basic services such as transportation cannot be afforded by many workers in the world?
    That said, Kimmy Granger is bangin’. I’d like to seize her means, if you catch my drift.

    1. This is the best comment ever, haha! Karl Marx and Kimmy Granger are both bangin’ in different ways.

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