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Poolman Makes Ebony Honey Gold Squirt


8 thoughts on “Poolman Makes Ebony Honey Gold Squirt

  1. I’m 14 and recently received a “handjob” from an upper classmate of the age of 16. When I finished she kept going. This is known as Post-Orgasm Torture. People say it hurts, but I found it relaxing and it even tickled a little. If it usually hurts and I found it relaxing and ticklish, is the something wrong with me?

  2. Chad White is like a porn hit man. Damn near fucks this girl to death and he’s on his cell phone texting his manager 5 minutes later.

    1. It says on her verified profile, Honey Gold is a multiracial doll who is mixed with  Cantonese, African American, Irish, Mongolian, and Cherokee Indian.  sO SHE’S ACTUALLY MOSTLY ASIAN but mixed.

    2. She is no where near Asian. There are thousands of black chicks who look like here in every inner city of America.

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