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PropertySex – Petite entitled millennial fucks her landlord


20 thoughts on “PropertySex – Petite entitled millennial fucks her landlord

  1. Can’t believe the vulgar words coming from his mouth in the beginning, this Christian site has really gone downhill.

    1. Well, I’ve never explicitly said to not swear, that was one of my apostles, and it’s only implied.

  2. I think that the acting was fantastic from both of the actors. I too wanted to fuck the entitlement right out of her. The part when he shoves the eviction notice into her mouth really surprised me because I thought the he was ganna pull a fast one on her at the end and make her pay for rent anyways. I think a follow up episode would be interesting, in which we see if she locks down a steady job. The characters both had struggles but only one of the characters met their character arc. 7.6/10

    1. This was written by an English teacher, Writer, or Publisher. I can almost guarantee it.

    2. @JJJ143 if you find the acting subpar, turn the volume down lol you know youre not watching for the acting.. like youre not playing COD for the story line…

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