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Sensual fuck and facial for extra small babe


16 thoughts on “Sensual fuck and facial for extra small babe

    1. It’s always easy to recognize someone who has limited experience with women. If you’d ever known some naturally slim woman, you would know how much they would like to be able to just “eat a sandwich” and gain a few pounds. And you would know that visible ribs are not nearly as prominent when you touch. Sure, it feels different than a more heavyset woman but it’s actually really pleasant to touch. And if you don’t like it, then date some other women. No reason to be insensitive.

  1. Someone cram a bacon cheeseburger in her mouth and solve two problems at once. Make her look less malnourished and end the fake moaning.

    1. So you don’t like skinny women. Well, then don’t fuck them. But I am sure that won’t be a problem, right, because you couldn’t, even if you would.

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