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Tori Black is BACK! Exclusive to


13 thoughts on “Tori Black is BACK! Exclusive to

  1. I haven’t been this hyped about a comeback since Goku returned from Yardrat!!!

    1. Like, fucking hell, that was actually pretty good – I don’t think I’ve ever said that of a porn plot.

    2. True ! A good share of female performers can act pretty well. TB does great here. JVJ is surpinsingly goog. He improved. The rest of the Agency guys is top. The Black officer and the bold guy seem to be real actors. They all did a great job here

  2. Whenever I see Jean Valjean’s name in the credits I always think of Les Miserables porn parody lyrics. “And so Monsieur you see it’s true, I’m going to fuck her butthole tooooooooo…” #lesjizerables

    1. IDK that one, but there is an old French Parody of les Miserables from ”les Zinconnus”, where JVJ is painted ”Van Damme style” and that’s hilarious

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