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TRUE ANAL – Lana Rhoades anal gaping glory


Blue eyed bombshell Lana Rhoades is a true fan of ass fucking and shoving big cocks down her throat. After crawling seductively across the floor, she greedily sucks a thick dick, producing enough spit to be considered a tsunami. Watch her enjoy an all anal fucking filled with loads of gaping action. Her Asshole gets properly drilled in this one, she definitely got the anal intrusion she came for.

Date: September 6, 2018

8 thoughts on “TRUE ANAL – Lana Rhoades anal gaping glory

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    2. And no matter how much she cleaned and douched before this; …with all that Plunger-Pumping of a large cock deep inside one’s Butt-Tunnel, there must be some amount of Turd matter mixed in as well….. um yeah, please, don’t go that far, gaghhh

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