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VIXEN Eva Lovia’s most intense scene


17 thoughts on “VIXEN Eva Lovia’s most intense scene

    1. it really puts the emphasis on her ass right. I love how her face is kind of red too. mixed beauties are tough to beat

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    1. Dayum dixnay da fuck you doin here go to somewhere else more important not correct a gadayum porn hub comment

    2. OK, so the time it took Laura to leave & come back is 8:15. Let’s say transition cuts remove max 10 mins from the video, but long lineups take 10 mins and to & from her car takes 3 mins, subtracting the total driving time to 5:15, or 2.625 mins each way. Average speed limit in LA is 55mph, or 0.9167 miles/min. 22.9167 miles = 25 mins. Laura drove 22.9167 miles in only 2.625 minutes. If my math is correct, she drove AT LEAST 523.8MPH TO GET COFFEE. “She took her time for the coffee” my ass.

    3. What?! She went to Giovanni’s… that’s the best coffe in LA. It’s 25 minutes away though, and you know how the waiting lines are!

    4. They weren’t sexin it up for 50+ minutes so either that assistant should be fired for going to the wrong coffee place or there’s some story missing

    5. She said the place was about 25 minutes away. There and back, plus waiting in line and for the coffee, she had to have taken at least an hour.

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