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VIXEN Fucked this guy with my parents outside


17 thoughts on “VIXEN Fucked this guy with my parents outside

  1. Somebody pay this girl for the things she thinks up to say. She’s gotta be thinking of lines like all day cause that shit is spot on and has totally been rehearsed and thought through. I’m so high now I’m thinkin she coulda done it in the world as a tv actress 

    1. Kimmy is about hers, everyone should know that. Listen to any of her interviews. She’s not the porn girl who’s drinking before shooting, doing drugs and ruining herself. She’s intelligent, calculated, and buisness-oriented. I love her stuff.

  2. “I’ve been in a porn video!””Really? Did you get to fuck girls like crazy?””No I was the cock-blocking dad! Good times.”

    1. Tiny tits are the best, especially on Kimmy. Would love pound her pussy and cum all over her cute tits.

  3. Damn! Look at the way that girl fucks that dick during the doggy style scene. I could take that all day.

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