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VIXEN I tried bbc on vacation


20 thoughts on “VIXEN I tried bbc on vacation

    1. I’m Jamaican born man and can swim very well , Still I can totally understand this joke Nice

    2. Very funny, big guy! Though, Cullen Jones (male) & Simone Manuel (female) are both gold medalists in freestyle swimming in 2012 & 2016 respectively. 

    3. Congratulation to the most RACIST AND ASSHAT comment of the Year i THINK You are jealous about BBC Maybe you have a small and tiny COCK

  1. Damn as a male, there are just some cocks I see, that I would love to suck and get pounded with. I think I might be bi  lol.

  2. Yet they wont sponsor porn on here with a big dick White guy and a Black girl, nice double standard

    1. Are you serious…white guys have the default dick in porn. There’s so much white guy with every woman porn. There are porn stars who won’t work with blks but everybody works with whites. This new virtual 3D porn is out. 98% of the dicks are white yet you complaining. There’s plenty of everything for everybody stop being a bitch

    2. Women search for big dick porn because it is a fantasy many women have. It’s the same as how many men search for big tit porn etc. In real life, many of these same women are more than pleased and satisfied with a penis of average size. Let girls live their fantasies out in peace lol and let us revel in the fact that we live in the time of Lisa Ann. Also, I feel like many porn sites featuring IR porn objectify black men and set unrealistic standards for people of color to satisfy.

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