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White Lingerie


16 thoughts on “White Lingerie

  1. I commend this video not only because of the superior picture quality, but the compositions, color, and lighting. The entire movie builds on the idea of opposites: symmetrical sides of the room balanced by two couches and two pieces of art, the actors sitting opposite each other, the lights and darks of the lighting. Then the couple is united and the music ends. This one needs no story line because the passion in conveyed through symbolic imagery.

    1. I think you’re right.  And why wouldn’t a professional, who devotes his time to such movies, think of such things?  You’re right, it adds to the video.

    2. Nolitas, yes. The superb aesthetic of the shoot certainly didn’t happen by accident. It takes work to get lighting that good.

  2. This video was stellar from beginning to end! This guy puts Peter North to SHAME with that cum shot.
    She is just stunning. Not whore-like, no fake tits… just stunning. Loved it.

    1. Not even close to a good Peter North shoot when North was a bit younger. He was always good for 10 ropes. He’s the king not this guy.

  3. This was an amazing scene it always takes forever to find something good but this was just perfect

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